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How to Get to from Minsk Airport to City Center

Whether you’re heading out on holidays or your travel day to day for business, choosing the best airport transfer can sometimes be troublesome. On many occasions, it seems almost impractical to find an airport transfer that best suits your needs especially while traveling to other cities and countries. These days, with the emergence of competition in the market there had been a monumental increase in not just the number of flights but also the airport transfer services. This mushrooming had opened a door to some serious consequences, including the provision of inadequate services by the airport transfer companies to their users. Simultaneously, there are a few companies that ensure the provision of phenomenal services to their customers in real time.

Figuring out the best airport transfer, out of a bunch is significant as it is the key to your comfort and stress-free experience. To avoid any nerve-wracking experience to and from the airport, taking an informed decision is pivotal. Here are some of the tips that will help you choose the best service.

To begin with, when you are going to select the mode of transfer, take into account the reputation of that company. Reputed companies work and care for their customers, always check the reviews and ratings from their passengers who have traveled using their services, ensure the security and reliability of that transfer company by going through all the ratings from the customers. These reviews will help you make an informed decision and decide which one best fulfills your requirements. Don’t be a last-minute rider! always book your transfer well in advance as soon as you get your travel dates finalized, book your transfer instantly so that your requisite driver will pick you up promptly.

The cost of getting from Minsk airport to the city centre by taxi

There are two options to get from Minsk airport to the city centre by private taxi: one-way or round trip. Please note, that whichever trip you choose we guarantee to provide you with the best service. We are trusted company, local English speaking drivers, safe and reliable service with a high level of comfort. The cost for a private taxi from Minsk airport to the city centre is €30 (up to 4 passengers), €45 by minibus (up to 7 passengers). The price is fixed for all destinations anywhere in Minsk. In addition, you get a free sightseeing tour as the vehicle goes through the main city avenue. Moreover, all taxes, service charges and toll road charges are included. Travel time is around 45 minutes.

We offer 24/7 online booking Minsk airport taxi to the city centre, any hotel or apartments in Minsk using the booking form. As well as by phone +375296192495 (available WhatsApp, Viber).


How many times have you had bad taxi experiences? For instance, experiences like you had to pay more than you’ve bargained, you didn’t feel safe traveling with your driver,  the driver had no idea about your destination. Most of unlicensed taxi drivers will bargain for a fixed price of a trip, especially if you’re not a local, to make extra bucks for themselves, avoid getting ripped off by using these unlicensed taxis.   If you’ve been in any of above or similar situations you had probably chosen an unlicensed taxi service. Not only the unlicensed taxi services cause inconvenience and discomfort, but also they can prove dangerous and threaten your safety. Unlicensed taxi service users have reported experiences where they were scared to bargain with their drivers fearing the dangerous turn of events. Tourists, people who travel more often and mostly to cities and places new to them fall victim to choosing unlicensed taxi services. The differences in language and currency really get some people practically robbed when paying the taxi fare.  

Usually, these taxi drivers (they only speak Russian) are waiting at the airport entrances with badges marked TAXI and offer their taxi to the city centre. It should be remembered that the charge of the trip  with these drivers is 2 or even more times higher than a pre-booked car, and can reach 100 euros. More and more often belarusians read a lot of stories on the local media forum about travelers who fell into this trap and was charged by €50 and more. 

It was charged about €85 for the ride from Minsk airport.
The bill for €50.
A couple of tourists from Serbia came to Europe Hotel. They where charged to €140 by driver, but it is record.
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