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Uber in Minsk. Official airport transfer

UBER / Yandex.Taxi (Russian: Яндекс.Такси) is  a company that operates taxi rides across Minsk city. From the very beginning of the activity in Belarus, the company has compromised itself with a low level service and more and more Minskers started to refuse travelling with this company. UBER / Yandex.Taxi became an ordinary Minsk taxi company, and their reputation does not matter for drivers.
The same happened with the airport’s official transfer service. The official carrier also provides a low level service using chinese cars and only Russian speaking drivers

Here is what UBER / Yandex.Taxi ’s users in Minsk write on forums:
"The driver got out of the car to put a luggage into the trunk of the car. The passenger, in order not to freeze, got into the car, into the back seat, – what can happen? Passenger arrived to the airport. Only there the passenger found out that only one suitcase was in the trunk. The other, with expensive photographic equipment, was not in the car. The passenger asked the driver where the second suitcase was. And he answered: “The second suitcase did not fit in the trunk, I left it. Happy journey!”. And just left: the payment is made automatically by the card, even the driver could not be detained in any way."

"The driver was very young. That was a very extreme trip. Moving along Mayakovsky street, the driver sharply pressed the gas pedal and at a speed of 80 or even more, he began to overtake the bus on the rightmost lane. I asked him to follow the rules and go at an acceptable speed because  there is a child in the car but the driver began to argue.

Up until a few years ago, ordering a taxi in Minsk airport was a quest for English speakers. Now the problem is non-existent – it is enough to book the transfer in advance. Our experienced English speaking drivers will be happy to help you to get to any destination in Belarus safely and share with you their knowledge about this beautiful country.

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