Kosava Castle

Kosava is the smallest town in Belarus. It is a typical western Belarusian town with unhurried life, cozy houses and friendly locals ready to show you the majestic castle and the surroundings. The XIX century Kosava castle was dramatically ruined during WWII, but it used to be really beautiful. The castle had 12 towers which symbolized 12 months of the year and a unique system of internal corridors and windows which allowed the sun’s rays to get into all corners of the building.

Palace complex of Sapiehas in Ruzhany

The next point of the route is Ruzhany Palace – only 23 km away. You will find the XVII Ruzhany Palace easily – it appears near the road just as you enter Ruzhany town. The building looks very impressive even in ruins, and is often called the “Belarusian Versailles” because it was built in the same style as the famous French palace. According to the legend, there is a secret underground passage from the Ruzhany Castle to Kosava. The basements of the Ruzhany Palace go four floors down. Unfortunately, they are inundated with earth now, but they will be restored in future.

Nesvizh Castle of Radziwills

The 16th century castle, probably the most famous castle of Belarus, once belonged to the Radziwills, the most powerful nobles of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Nesvizh castle had long been considered one of the most powerful fortifications in the Belarusian lands, due to the artillery and a large garrison. The most famous ghost of Belarus also lives here. The spirit of Barbara Radziwill (“Chornaya Panna”) appears in the corridors after midnight. Another legend says that the untold treasures were stored in the castle, but they had not been found yet. May be you will come to try your luck in finding them!

Mir Castle

The exact time of the castle’s construction is unknown, but most historians believe that it was built in 1520s. n the course of history, the castle witnessed frequent changes of owners and was gradually turning into romantic ruins. During WWII, a ghetto was located in the building. After the war, it became home to local residents. But a visit in the evening has a charm of its own. The building is amazing in the rays of the setting sun!

Pick up and Drop off
Private air-conditioned vehicle
English speaking driver
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Entrance tickets - Kosava Castle €3,
Ruzhany Palace €2, Nesvizh Palace €6,
Mir Castle €6
Audio guide - Nesvizh Palace €1,5
Mir Castle €1,5
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Pearl of Belarus 160 € 14 hrs
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Shared Tour Pearl of Belarus 160 € 80 € 55 €